“The Inspector” by the Adult Theatre Education Department of the Social Center “STAVROS HALIORIS” was presented on Saturday, June 15th, at Magiko.

People started gathering early at the in the communal gathering area for the performance.

Around 9 o’clock, the lights came on and the play began, transporting us to distant Russia, in a provincial town where the corrupt state machinery is terrorized upon learning that “The Inspector” has arrived for inspection… Then a phantom-like young man, Khlestakov,

who ran out of money in a Russian inn, is perceived as an inspector, although he is nothing but a trickster who enjoys impersonating an important figure!

This very misunderstanding leads to the heroes of N. Gogol’s work getting entangled in comedic situations and misunderstandings, exposing the immorality and indignity of government officials.

Directed by Mr. Dimitris Chaitidis, the production truly created a humorous atmosphere that captured the spirit of the work’s era, while the costumes, scenery, lighting, and music also emphasized the comedic nature of the characters in the play.

The actors’ performances were absolutely successful! Their dialogues, facial expressions,

, body movements, and overall stage presence contributed to the characters they portrayed being unforgettable for the audience.

The prolonged applause they received at the end of the performance was the greatest proof of its success!

Warm congratulations to Mr. Chaitidis, the head of the Theatre Education Departments, to the lead actors, and to all those involved in the production for the result!