The Social Center “STAVROS HALIORIS” decided to offer the possibility of checking reading problems with the EyeRadar tool, in combination with ophthalmological and audiological examination, to detect dyslexia and learning difficulties in children from NW to 6th grade. In this first phase, our intention is to examine more than 200 children.
This test will be done in collaboration with the eyeRadar scientific team led by Dr. Ioannis Aslanidis and includes the following:
Ecological and ophthalmological examination to confirm that the child can see and hear well. The child will then read texts silently from the screen of a computer that has a special camera to record eye movement. The camera and the movement of the eyes are what will give the information about the reading ability of the child.
At the end of the reading, some simple comprehension questions are asked to make sure that the child has read the text carefully and that’s it. The process is completed in a few minutes!
Our effort is implemented with the support of the Municipality of Abdera and the support of the AMTH Region.
The action will take place at the facilities of the Social Center in Magiko from the 2nd to the 6th of June with pre-arranged appointments.
Priority order will be observed with full implementation of the personal data protection regulation – GDPR.
For information and appointments you can contact the phone of the Social Center “STAVROS CHALIORIS”: 2541091975 from Monday to Friday at 11 a.m. -1 p.m. .